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24 March 2010 0 Comments

Conferences: Exhibitionist or Voyeur…

But the question is this: do we roll the dice and go for a full exhibition with a booth and branded material or do we attend and spread the word through our PR firm and on-the-ground efforts?

23 March 2010 0 Comments

When to Launch?

Launching a Startup is rife with problems, the biggest is when to pull the trigger and go for it.

22 March 2010 3 Comments

Welcome, have a seat and sit back…

Welcome, have a seat and sit back…

This is our little blog. My name is Michael and, in full disclosure, I do work at NTB Games. We don’t have some phantom blogger doing our dirty work. No sir! That’s my job! You can go here to read more about our company here: You can fan us on Facebook and get an […]