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Online Gaming Etiquette: Don’t Be ‘That Guy’

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Online gaming through social media sites are fun and don’t always require a lot of commitment. They are generally free and you can sign in anytime you want. You can choose to leave the game for extended periods of time if you don’t feel like playing. However, they can also become an annoyance for your friends and relatives if the games you are playing constantly fill up their news feed or if they receive numerous invitations from you to join. Courtesy is a must if you engage in online gaming through social media sites like Facebook. So the question is, are you ‘that guy’?

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Facebook’s news feed is one place where games and quizzes can become a nuisance for your friends. Much of your activity on the site can be “published.” One post every now and then usually isn’t an issue, but if you publish more than one or two a day, your friends may choose to hide all your posts or even de-friend you entirely.

Quizzes also ask you if you want to publish your results. Again, one or two a day isn’t excessive, but more than that, especially if you choose to select friends to invite each time, can quickly become an annoyance. More experienced users may know how to block all posts from applications, but there are many users who do not, so it is necessary to be prudent when the box pops up with the options “publish” or “skip.” Invitations to games can also be an annoyance for your online friends. One invitation to a game is generally okay, but more than one from the same person is excessive.

These games may also have a negative effect on you if you are looking for a job. If your profile is public and an employer sees that you post excessively about online games or quizzes that you’ve taken, they may not take you quite as seriously as a candidate. You may want to adjust your privacy settings and also not add your bosses and co-workers as friends; you may even want to make a separate Facebook page for professional connections.

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It’s important to remember that you probably aren’t the only person that your friends and family members know who play online games. Even if you don’t feel that you are publishing too much from the game or asking too often for help in the game, there are others who are also posting the same things. Being prudent with what you “publish” is simply common courtesy.

However, there are games on social sites,such as Facebook, that try and limit the amount of information that does get published about your gaming activity. The A game is a new, interactive, pop culture game that you can play right on Facebook or on an independent site.  The cool thing about The A game is that it features numerous categories that cater to everyone. You can play by yourself, challenge a friend, or even challenge a random player online.   It’s really quite addicting.  Not only is it a fun game, but it also doesn’t publish every detail of your gaming experience to bother all of your “friends” so you don’t have to be ‘That Guy.’  And trust us, nobody wants to be ‘That Guy.’

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