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For the Love of Trivia!

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trivialthinker e1288098417359 For the Love of Trivia!

Trivial Thinker

[Credit:  flickr]

Who doesn’t love trivia?  I mean really, can you think of anyone you know?  It’s a great way to spend some time with friends or family, whether in person or digitally as with the A Game.

The word trivia has been around in the context with which we are all familiar since only the 20th century, but probably has its roots in the Latin trivium, or trivialis meaning ‘a place where three roads meet’, and alternately knowledge that is commonplace or vulgar. Apparently it’s current meaning became common in the 1960’s with no little help from the folks who invented the popular board game Trivial Pursuit, and also the television quiz shows of the 50’s and 60’s.

But why do we play?  It seems we have an almost inherent love of all things trivia.  We’re certainly not qualified to answer that question in a definitive sense, but we have a few ideas as to why.  It’s a game, for one, and we believe the social aspect of gaming is one of the reasons we play games at all.  The love of competition is tangled up in it as well, and also the ability to challenge our intellect and display our knowledge(or lack thereof!).  And, something we find interesting is that even though trivia is considered ‘non-essential’ knowledge, there is an unspoken acknowledgement and respect accorded to one who possesses it. Bascially you get to feel smart even though you don’t really know anything!

trivia For the Love of Trivia![Credit:  GraphJam]

Trivia, of course, has only grown in popularity and isn’t just found in the living room, or on television any longer.  The Internet is obviously chock full of sites dedicated to trivia and online games you can play anytime(e.g. The A Game), just do a Google search and you’ll see what we mean.  And pub quizzes, once only associated with, well, small pubs–and quite possibly only in the UK–have gained popularity all over  the world.

Regardless, we love trivia and know you do too!  Who cares if its supposed to be ‘non-essential’ knowledge, it feels really good when you whip out an obscure fact on your friends, and who’s to say it might not come in handy one day to know that there’s a bird native to New Zealand that eats the little strips of rubber seals around car windows[via strangefacts.com].  Why don’t you tell us why you love trivia, or even share one of your most triumphant trivia moments in the comments section?

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