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Giving Birth to a Facebook Game

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theAgame Giving Birth to a Facebook GameWow, we are so pumped!  There are so many exciting things going on around here, it’s been hard to keep our heads on straight.  Last time we talked about Facebook gaming and why we love it.  We said we were going to change the nature of Facebook gaming, and we’re working on doing that.  One of the big things that’s got us hoppin’ is The A game, which just went live recently.  The launch went smoothly, and interest in Facebook’s only live trivia game is exploding.  We know folks are having a lot of fun wracking up those points, and don’t forget that the top earners win prizes!  It’s not too late to get into the game for this weeks prize winning so check it out.

Facebook Baby 7363131 e1278041997178 Giving Birth to a Facebook Game[Credit]

Don’t forget to drop by The A game fan page on Facebook, and be sure to follow us on Twitter to keep up with what’s happening!  We’re anxious to hear what you think of our new baby so feel free to leave us some feedback in the comments!

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