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Makers of Farmville Under Fire

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Facebook game creator at Zynga is being sued by Agincourt Gaming for alleged patent infringement, according to PCWorld.com.

The patents at issue involve the process for credit-based gaming along with prize redemption. Agincourt currently operates only one game called Pantheon, not having remotely the same influence as Zynga does  in the marketplace.

Zynga launched FarmVille mo Makers of Farmville Under Fire

Zynga is not new to these sorts of allegations, having faced Priceline.com’s founder Jay Walker for copying his patent on a tournament-based game. Interestingly, within Zynga’s IPO filings it appears they anticipated these hiccups. “[D]uring our earlier history our practices relating to intellectual property¦may not have been as robust as they are now, and there may be unasserted claims arising from this period that we are not able to anticipate,” it said.

Over here at NTB we’ll be keeping tabs on this story as further developments unfold.


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