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Multiplayer Modes in the A game

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So you’ve gotten the hang of the basic A game features, and you’ve played a couple rounds. You rocked the first few trivia questions and you’re feeling pretty smug, now are you ready to take it to the next level? The A game has 2 multiplayer modes that not only add a whole new dimension of excitement to the game, but allow you to earn double or triple points towards the weekly contest!

The first multiplayer mode of the A game is called Random Challenger (RC). Just like it sounds, the A game will match you up against another user that the system picks at random to really test your skills! To start, click on the Random Challenger button at the bottom right of the screen.

Blog Post 2 Screen 1 Multiplayer Modes in the A game

Blog Post 2 Screen 2 Multiplayer Modes in the A gameNow’s the time to get in your last practice before getting into the ring with another user! Click on the category of your choice and select okay when asked if you want to play a round while you wait. Don’t worry, the system will notify you when an opponent is available to play.

Blog Post 2 Screen 51 Multiplayer Modes in the A game

While you’re playing, a timer on the top right will indicate that you are waiting for an opponent to play. In the meantime, hone your skills for the upcoming match!

Blog Post 2 Screen 41 Multiplayer Modes in the A gameWhen a challenger is found, you’ll hear a “ding” and a pop-up will display informing you that your opponent is ready. It”s time to see if you”ve got what it takes to beat a human opponent! Click okay to begin.

You”ll notice that the RC session is very similar to that of the regular A game. The only difference is that in the RC session there is an information area under the questions. This tells you how far into the round you and your opponent are, your respective answer speeds, and how many questions each player has answered correctly.

Blog Post 2 Screen 61 Multiplayer Modes in the A game

There are three possible ways a session can end: You can win, lose, or the match can be a draw. Whichever it is, you”ll take home double the points for all your correct answers!

Once the session ends, there are three ways to go: You can play the same random challenger again for another double points session, you can return to single player mode, or hit “Challenge a Different Friend” to enter Live Challenge (LC) mode against one of your own friends! Not only can you now can show off your skills to your friends, you can earn triple points for it too!

Blog Post 2 Screen 73 1024x634 Multiplayer Modes in the A game

Here”s where things get really cool: The A game will bring up a list of your online friends for you to invite. Select one and an invite message will appear in the chat field ready to send. Hit enter, and it will pop-up on your friend”s screen like a regular Facebook chat message! They will then be able to follow the link and join up to start an LC session against you.

Blog Post 2 Screen 8 Multiplayer Modes in the A game

Blog Post 2 Screen 9 Multiplayer Modes in the A game

When your opponent clicks on the link, a popup will appear on your page informing you that they”ve accepted. Press okay to get started! Your opponent will choose the category, and once they have done so the session will begin.

Blog Post 2 Screen 10 Multiplayer Modes in the A game

The LC session looks just like the RC session. Notice that for every question you answer correctly you are awarded 300 points –that’s triple the usual! When you win, as you surely will, post your achievement to your wall to further humiliate your losing friend!

Blog Post 2 Screen 11 1024x698 Multiplayer Modes in the A game

You can also start an LC session from the main A game screen by clicking on the Challenge a Friend button in the lower left area. Play as many RC’s and LC’s as you want to boost your rank in the leaderboard and increase your chances of winning some cold, hard cash! (well, a cold, hard Amazon Gift Card anyway…) Have fun, and start multiplying your points now!

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