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The A Game: What it’s All About

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There’s a hot new game making waves in the world of social gamers: The A game offers engaging trivia questions to users on a range of subjects such as movies, music, and pop culture. We designed the A game to allow users to have a fun, engaging and educational experience, and to test their knowledge against other players. To make things more exciting, the A game also runs a contest every week, giving away cash prizes to the top 3 players on the leaderboard! Sound like a good deal? We think so too! Here’s how to play:

Search for the A game in Facebook, and make sure you like their fan page so you can be updated on new prizes and game rollouts! Then click on the link to the game from the “About” frame on the left hand side of the page.

Blog Post Screen 1 The A Game: What its All About

Blog Post Screen 8 The A Game: What its All AboutThis will open the permissions page. Don’t be alarmed by this; it just enables us to keep track of user info for the prize contests and multiplayer sessions. The A game isbcommitted to your privacy, and we promise to never spam you or give out your email! Once you’ve cleared the permissions page, you’ll arrive at the landing page for the A game. Here you’ll see a list of eight main categories to choose from: Movies, Television, Animation, Games, Mainstream Music, Hip Hop, Country, and Anime. Each of these categories opens up a series of game sessions containing content related to that category. Select whichever one catches your interest to start playing!

Blog Post Screen 5 The A Game: What its All About

The question will appear on the upper right area next to the clip playing. Underneath it will be fur answers to choose from. Simply choose whichever answer you believe is correct before the green time meter below runs out! The system will let you know immediately whether your answer was true or false, and show you a backplate related to the question just answered with the opportunity to click to learn more. Throughout the round, the game will also show you your current score above the questions.

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If you’re like many of the users that who play the A game, you’ll love the “Boss” button. This nifty feature enables you to avoid uncomfortable moments with superiors who may be lurking nearby while you are playing the A game at the office. When you click the Boss button, a new screen will open up, giving your boss a view of how productive you”ve been! It will also pause the game so you won”t run out of time to answer the current question.

Blog Post Screen 3 The A Game: What its All About

When you finish your first round, a prompt will flash offering you to post your achievement to your wall. Go ahead, brag to your friends, you”re entitled!

After you”ve gotten familiar with the game and started racking up points, remember to check the Leaderboard to see where you rank against other players. The default screen shows the top 15 players, and the scroll button on the right allows you to see up to 45. At the beginning of each week, cash prizes are awarded to the top three players, so this is definitely something you”re going to want to keep track of! You can see the full Terms and Conditions of the contest by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Blog Post Screen 61 The A Game: What its All About

The final step to take is to invite your friends to play the A game by –you guessed it, hitting the “Invite” button on the bar above the game. Besides for sharing a great game with your buddies, you’ll be giving yourself and them the opportunity to earn triple points by playing Live Challenge rounds against each other! We”ll discuss this more in the next blog post.

Blog Post Screen 7 The A Game: What its All About

You’ve played your first round, checked your position on the leaderboard, and invited your friends! Now stop reading and start brushing up on your trivia, winning great prizes, and have a blast playing the A game! And remember, the A game is a user-centered application, so we look forward to your feedback to help us customize the game to your preferences!

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    Sounds like fun, man! I’ll have to check it out!

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