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When to Launch?

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Any start-up that is releasing a product, whether it be a game and iphone app like us, or a piece of software, product or service comes to a point where they must decide the big question: When to Launch?

night space shuttle launch 300x225 When to Launch?

Sounds easy enough, plan your resources and pick a date. The problem is this: many people have to be onboard for  launch: Tech, PR, Customer Service, Marketing etc. So, the need for a date seems necessary. But Technology has a funny way of turning geeks and gods to sand. Between QA and load Tests there are a thousand things that can, and often do, go wrong.  A fave sage of mine is Seth Godin. He had an interesting take on startups with Mashable- read the thing here.  http://mashable.com/2009/02/04/seth-godin-advice-for-startups/

Basically, the take away is this: Focus, discipline and building value – three tips for Startup launches and the rest follows. These three things all follow each other; to “focus” you must be “disciplined” in “building value” for the task at hand. What this means is that Startups should not just pick a date, especially if that launch date does not build value. It is better to launch and exceptional product than to piece together fixes, thereby negating the value and losing focus.

The discipline part of this theory is maybe most important. Being disciplined as a startup means not entering into deals or exploring options just because they are attractive. Will they pay off in the future?  maybe. But the bigger risk is that the actual main goal is being short-changed to follow flights of fancy. <<(oooh alliteration anyone?) There is no one answer to the question of “When to Launch.” But, I think it is imperative to let the project dictate that day instead of letting the day dictate what the project can do.

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